Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saleh ali Saleh Nabhan, Al Qaeda Operative Killed in Somalia

An air strike yesterday by an American Special Forces helicopter in the nation of Somalia killed an important Al Qaeda member.(1) The Kenyan born terrorist had been linked previously to embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya which killed or wounded thousands. The attack was on a car that was traveling near the Somalia/Kenya border. The helicopter had been dispatched from an offshore American warship.

This represents a significant development for the war on terror, as US forces chop yet another head from the body of the hydra. The fact that the targeted killings of senior terror-cell members is still ongoing demonstrates that the US is still actively engaged in identifying and locating those responsible for threatening their citizens, soldiers and ideals both at home and abroad. Nabhan was quoted by a senior official as being an integral player in Al Qaeda's East Africa operation. The attack was signed off on by President Obama, and is being hailed as another coup for the forces of freedom and democracy in a lawless world. Needless to say, other top Al Qaeda members and representatives ought to be reconsidering the extent, visibility and security of their continued participation.

Saleh ali Saleh Nabhan
Born April 4, 1979 in Mombassa, Kenya. Dead September 14, 2009 near Baraawe, Somalia

1 CNN.Com- "Key Al Qaeda Operative Killed in US Strike, Somalia Says"

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